Friday, September 07, 2012

The big tent

It took a few hours, but the tent is now up. And I think I will turn it into a green house after next weeks party. I found out you can make it shorter and thinner. So instead of having a greenhouse that's 5 meters wide, and 8 meters long, we can have it 4 x6 meters. That's perfect. I will need to buy the wood to frame in the end walls, cement for the foundation, and green house plastic. But the whole thing will be so much cheaper then the high tunnel we where looking at. Juergen has even said we could maybe weld the metal together to make the frame solid. Awesome! We get soil on Monday for the greenhouse area. And Tuesday the mulch comes. So the ground will be ready for the greenhouse. The garden is almost ready for the party. The kids go back to school on Monday. I should be able to clean the house for the party. And they hired caterers to do the rest. So I hope it will be stress less. I'm very glad to get a clean garden and house!

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