Tuesday, September 04, 2012

New cloths

I took Sarah, Philip and Thomas to buy new cloths yesterday, and new shoes today. School starts on Monday. Oh, and Philip got new glasses and braces. My bank account is drying up fast! I had the boys go through their closet and empty out what was too small (and that was nearly everything). Oh man! But I put what was nice aside to give away. I also have a giant basket of cloths from Sarah. And she had some very nice shoes she didn't wear out. The boys old shoes look like....well not so good! Actually, most of their pants can be tossed too. Only their sweaters and shirts are worth passing on. But I'm glad to buy them a few new things. It's awesome to see how proud they are to be wearing new shoes. There was a time when they did not own anything. I remember when we picked Philip up from the orphanage in Bangkok. They would put a basket of shoes onto the floor, and the 15 kids in his group would put a pair on. It didn't matter if the boys had on girls shoes, or the shoes were too small. A pair was a pair. And they didn't have enough shoes, so some kids just had to go with out shoes. That's just how it was. They had over 300 kids in that orphanage. Imagine trying to feed and cloth 300 kids. Philip got new glasses today. I saved his old glasses. I save all the old glasses. They need the frames in orphanages. My kids may forget what it was like to have nothing. I'm glad if they forget. They are not orphans, they are loved children. But I don't ever want to forget. There are over 150 million orphans in this world. Only 30 million will ever know the love of a family. We can not forget the others.

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