Monday, September 10, 2012

First day of school

Philip was gone before I got up. He loves school. He doesn't care much about learning. It's just a good social club to him. Thomas doesn't like school. That's because he has trouble with friends. But he is smarter then Philip. And Sarah was happy to go today. She will start in the 3rd class. We want her to go to the 2nd grade. The teacher said we would talk. They may not have space in the 2nd class. I know they will pressure us to keep her in the 3rd grade. But they don't see Sarah melt down from the stress of home work that's too hard for her. I feel out numbered. But I'm praying a place opens up for her. I'm praying she can move into the 2nd grade. I feel it's very important to firm up her foundation before we move forward. She can go farther in the long run if she is really strong in the basics. I'm making grape juice from beautiful grapes my friend gave me. I need to wash our walk ways. There is allot of work to do to get ready for the party we host on Saturday. Jessica is out with her teacher. So it will be a very busy week of hard work. God help us!

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