Saturday, September 01, 2012


I went to pick Nicole and Philip up from camp today. They had stayed an extra day to help with the clean up. And the camp had bales of straw they needed to get rid of. So I asked if I could take some for my garden. And I could take 9 bales of straw. That's so cool. I will re-mulch my vegetable garden over the winter, after the crops are harvested. The ground should be in wonderful condition next spring. We are also looking at wood stoves. And the garden loves ashes. So if we burn wood I can add the ash to my soil too. I've seen documentaries on you tube of the farmers in England that made potash to add to the soil. They had very large ovens to make the ash. Wood ash isn't the same thing, but it helps. Wood ash can be useful in yard if used with caution, read HERE.

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Eric & Shelley said...

straw and ash are great for the garden.