Monday, September 17, 2012

A good weekend

We had a very full but good weekend. Saturday I attended the graduation of the International Health department at the University of Heidelberg. Then we hosted the graduation party for the students and their families. We expected 75-100 people, but only about 60 showed up. I think many family members had jet jag and could not come. But it was an amazing group of people from the entire world. The weather was beautiful. Nicole and I spent the entire week cleaning the house, but the party was basically in the garden because of good weather. And we used our party tent. We had a really nice bon fire. We also used the straw bales I got from the summer camp as chairs. That looked good, and worked out well. The department at the University hired and paid for the catering. And the catering was awesome. They brought the tables. They also set up their own food tent. So we had 2 tents. It looked great and was very nice! I did not take pictures. I was too busy. But I'm sure I'll get pictures from the students. Then on Sunday Nicole and I went to a Hill Song church worship night. It was 3 hours away. I drove the car, and took 2 others from the youth group. It was a very good service. I am blessed to see how much churches are growing in Germany! But we drove for 6 hours & I'm so tired today. I would love some down time! I started again to study for the End Times seminar Juergen and I teach in October. I made some good progress today. The weather is very good. Maybe I'll go plant some flower bulbs?

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