Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nicole's Art

Nicole spent 8 hours in the metal workshop today. She is making a metal face that will be the water feature for our pond. She is taking different pieces of scrap metal and welding them into a face. The nose will be a running faucet. It will be mounted to stone. This is the start of the face. Juergen showed the house again. The person said they wanted to move this wall, and that wall. He talked about a total remodel. Then he offered us 50,000 Euros less then what we are asking. Like we should pay for his remodel? Why do we even bother showing the house to these people? We gave our lowest price to the real-estate agent. Why did he waste our time? It makes me mad! Juergen said they will come back with a new offer. But I'm sure it will be too low.
We have 2 good families looking at the house to rent. No more buyers! They are all out of their minds!

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Eric & Shelley said...

Renting until the market goes up seems to be the best option.
It's a buyers market so they are pushing for the best price possible, trying to find those desperate buyers.

I have a friend in Corvallis that ran into the same thing. She's renting to an adult care facility. It seems to be working out for her. The supervisor who is staying in her home with the 4 adult men that need limited assistance, seem to be taking care of the place well and are paying the rent on time.