Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hard Day

My Dad wasn't feeling very well today. He was cold and felt overly tired today. I'm sure on days like today He wishes he was home, not here with a house hold of kids. And our kids are home on vacation. They were pretty good, but you can not get away from them. It can make a person feel tired. I was outside working on the garden today. We got two more raised beds built in the vegetable garden. We also got some more plants in the ground. Slowly but surely it is coming together. Juergen showed the house two times today. Once to a family interested in buying, the other family wants to rent right away. The buyer doesn't want to give us our price. We have dropped the price as low as we are willing to go, but they want it lower. So I’m guessing that's a no deal. Juergen liked the family that wants to rent. They are from Poland and have 6 kids. I'm guessing they are Catholic. I have not met them, so I could not say. 6 kids seems like allot in that house, but they seem to have the money and the need for the space right now. Maybe it could be a good fit? We will most likely show it a few times before next week. But maybe we have a buyer or renter? I would be glad to have it solved and done with. I hope Dad feels better soon. It's hard to see him this way.

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Eric & Shelley said...

It's raining like cats and dogs here.