Saturday, April 21, 2012

flowers and baskets

Nicole picked a few of our beautiful tulips from the garden. I went out and bought more bulbs to plant (summer flowers). I also found these cool baskets made from News paper. I put my magazines and books in them. I love recycled art!
I showed the house in Leimen to the nicest family. They have 2 kids, and they just seemed so peaceful and balanced. They liked the house allot. They will send me the application tomorrow they said. We have a few applications. But I like this family best. I may need to lose a few more months rent waiting for them. 2 of our applicants want the house right away. But this family want the house for at least 5 years. I really hope we get their application, and everything checks out OK. I think we found what we have been praying for. I hope , hope, hope it works! I think it’s important to like your renters. I think they could be good friends! We would be so blessed to have them in our house!

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