Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter

Jesus has risen. Today Juergen and I got to sit together in church. Mom and Dad stayed home and took care of Jessica. It may sound like a small thing, but we get to go to church together about once a year. It was nice. Mom and Dad also made us a special Mexican dinner. So I'm feeling very good. I have to admit I have been feeling a little tired. I guess I always feel this way when the kids have vacation. Thank God the boys will be at soccer camp this next week. There are too many voices and needs in this house. I'm sure it makes all of us tired. I thought about taking my parents to Italy this week. My dad has always wanted to go to Italy. But I think it's just too much for him. I would need to take Jessica. Her needs are great, and Dads needs are great. It's a 9 hour drive. I just wish we could have managed it. Maybe next weekend? This week we will do some more gardening and some canning. I have so much to learn.
I did find a vacation house in Lucca ,Italy
but the weather is going to be bad. Oh well! I guess it was not ment to be. We will see what we can do near here.

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Nice eggs