Sunday, December 19, 2010

A word from Jessica

Some of you know I gave a special advent calendar to Juergen this year. Today I got a very special note of love to him from Jessica. Jess is our 19 year old non verbal autistic daughter. She is so sweet and every word from her is gold! It was in German.

F: Was liebst du an Papa?

A: Er ist immer freundlich und großer Mann mit Herz für Kinder.

F:Was möchtest du Papa schenken?

A: Freie Zeit mit mir im Car und am Kometengeist der Lichter große Sorgen weg.

In English is basically reads

Q: What kind of characteristics do you love on dad?

A: He's always friendly. A great man with a heart for kids.

Q: What do you want to give daddy for christmas?

A: Free time with me in the Car and at the comet spirit of the lights(a bright spirit) large concerns away (free of concerns).

I love the words "A Comet Spirit of Lights"! Only Jessica could put it in such a beautiful way!

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