Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I got a new clock

Today was full! First of all, Jessica slept well. Thank you for your prayers. She gave me nearly 7 full, wonderful hours of sleep. I felt like a different person today! I actually had the energy to get through the day! The boys got their new braces. I'll post pictures tomorrow (God willing). Philip had speech therapy, Nicole had her small group, and Jessica had her big Christmas party at school. Philip broke his bed. I bought him a new bed. It is rather complicated to put together. I'm letting the boys build it. It is taking hours. There must be a 100 screws in the thing. So far they are doing a great job. It's one more thing for me to be proud of! They really seem to like to build things. I mean real things, not just Lego. Philip especially is getting very handy with tools. It's another reason to buy a farm house! I made him read 1/2 hour. I'm also making Thomas do extra math. But you don't have to make Philip pick up a screw driver. It's so amazing and encouraging! Oh, I bought a basic Alarm clock. Not a fancy one, an old fashion kind you wind up. I'm figuring it out! I'm figuring out how to parent 5 complicated kids alone. Nicole has really been a great it's not true I'm alone. I'm so glad Juergen comes home in 5 days, but we are doing OK. We are not killing each other, and I'm not dead! The kids are being very good. Jess is sleeping, and I even found time to watch a movie on TV (Coming to America). Juergen quoted the movie in his Dr Thesis, "when you think of trash, think of Akeem". He did a paper on computer garbage collection. I thought of my prince! He is in Canada right now, but he is coming to America on Friday. He will get to see my family. I'm so glad about that!
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