Saturday, December 04, 2010

it's a night

I finally got Jessica down for the night. I think it's about midnight. I think Juergen arrives in Canada very soon. He will still need to get his bag and find the hotel. It has been a long trip for him.

Oh, just as I was writing this Juergen called me. He just got there. He had a good flight. He watched 3 movies. That helped him pass the time. The suitcase was just a few ounces under weight. So thank God he didn't have to pay extra for it! And he says the airport is very nice!

Anyway, we did fine today. Nicole and Sarah went to a Christmas play at our church. They pulled kids from the audience to play parts. Sarah was Mary. I drove the boys and Jessica around for a few hours. We looked at the outside of 2 houses that are for sale. I didn't like them, so they can be marked off my list. I also showed Thomas the outside of the Christian school. We timed the distance from the school to our house. It took 20 Min's and 5 seconds. Not bad! I watched the movie step up 3 with the kids. We love it! I made cookies with Sarah. I did laundry, dishes etc... and I missed Juergen. So now we are about 24 hours closer to his return home. I'm grateful he arrived safely! The house is quite, and I will say goodnight!

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caring for the garden said...

Glad to here that all is well.