Friday, December 24, 2010

I woke up early. It's snowing outside. We will not be going North and it's a good thing. Yesterday the weather was so bad in the North that there was a traffic jam over 100 km long. We could have been stuck for 8 hours on a cold freeway. So I'm going to be making tamales today. I am a little nervous. I grew up thinking the hardest thing in the world was tamales. Only the best cooks could make this very special dish. I don't think my mom ever made them. Only my grandmother and great aunt made them. And I'm making other stuff just in case mine don't turn out.
The kids are very excited. We open gifts after church tonight. Sarah is sort of in the Christmas play. They took photo's of many of the kids (including Sarah). They will show the photo's as part of the play tonight. They went to a manager and dressed in costumes as Shepard's and angles. Sarah was a Shepard. I will be home with Jessica , but Juergen will bring a memory stick to church, and copy pictures for me. I hope I can at least see the photo's. I've also got about a dozen more gifts to wrap. There is a tone of work preparing a celebration like this for a big family. But I love it! I look forward to cooking with Nicole. I'm happy to have my kids all at home. It will not be long until they are all grown up. Boy will that be strange. These are very special days. I'm going to enjoy them while I can! We don't really do Santa here. Our kids know we give gifts because the Kings gave gifts to Jesus. We are celebrating the gift of our Savior. Happy Birthday to my Lord and King! Jesus has transformed my whole life and I am so grateful! Thank you God for giving us your Son!

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caring for the garden said...

No, I dodn't make tamales when all you kids were at home. They are noy so difficult as they are time consuming and I was a working mom. Dad and I well have tamales for New Year's Eve. I will make them only if I can't find some at a reasonale price. For Christmas Eve we will have enchaladas. They are good too, and take much less effort.Enjoy your time together. Once the kids are grown, life changes far more than you can imagine. All our love to you this holy night. Mom & Dad M