Saturday, December 25, 2010


The past few weeks I was compelled to do the shopping, wrapping, cooking and cleaning. It's amazing to think of the mountain of food I bought. It took 3 different trips to about 20 different stores. And we are a family of 7. I'm the one who buys most of the gifts, and wraps them too. I think everyone was happy with what they got. Everyone is busy playing. Juergen is playing with the gift he bought for me. It's a special scanner that converts slides and negatives into jpgs. He is copying the slides he's dad took of our wedding. I love it! To be honest with you, I don't feel like doing anything. I'm so tired I just want to sit and drink my coffee. I don't need anything at all. I'm happy we are snowed in. I'm happy we aren't going anyplace. I'm glad to hear my family, busy playing. Maybe I'll just listen to a book.
Juergen talked with his Dad today. Richard had a nice evening with Juergen's brother's family. While he was out someone tried to break into his house. They could see the footprints in the snow, and on the roof. The thief was not able to break in (thank God). They did contact the police. I'm sure it will be OK. I remember the year Jessica was in the hospital. She was 3 months old. She was going to have open heart surgery. We had a small Christmas tree in our apartment. There were only a few gifts under the tree. While we were at the hospital, someone did break into our apartment. They stole our VCR, food, and the gifts under the tree. It happened the night before Jessica's surgery. I guess the whole thing distracted me a bit from the stress I felt at the time. My 3 month old first born baby was going to have open heart surgery. I look back on it, and I'm glad for the distraction. The thief took nothing of real worth. My treasure was in the hospital. By the grace of God, she lived. 19 years ago today (Christmas day) Jessica left the hospital. We had no gifts in the house, we had no food. It didn't matter at all. We spent that Christmas at home with our baby. She was alive and that was all we wanted!

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