Saturday, December 04, 2010

Safe trip

When you need grace you find it. I was able to go shopping last night. I stocked up on food for the next few days. I also made sure I had the special stuff that needs to be in the house on Monday morning. Santa comes Sunday night you know. The kids would be disappointed if he didn't show up at our house.
We had a nice breakfast this morning. I told Juergen I feel like a tight rope walker. When he is not there, I can still walk the rope...but I'm operating without a net. I'm sure by Gods grace we will manage it. I just feel nervous without him. If you had my kids you would feel nervous too.
So Juergen is on his way to the airport. God willing, he will have a safe trip to Canada. He didn't have much room for his own cloths. I packed his suitcase full of stuff for my family. Actually, he packed the case himself...I just gave him the stuff. I hope it doesn't cost extra money for being too heavy. I also hope Juergen can upgrade to business class. It is a very long trip. God willing, he will go skiing tomorrow. As long as he doesn't break anything, I'm very glad he gets to ski. The location looks breathtaking. He has been walking stairs and ice skating to prepare for this trip. I'm sure it will be amazing! They say Vancouver is also very nice. It's actually warmer in Vancouver then it is here. I bet you can get great Chinese food in Vancouver BC. I understand all the rich people from HongKong moved there before China took HongKong back. I wouldn't mind moving there. At least I would be closer to home. I told Nicole that today. You could see this little bit of panic cross her face. She is planning on going to Art school in Karlsruhe. I guess it would be OK with her if she left the country...but we are not allowed to move! Don't worry Nicole, we will not leave you! I'm not planning on moving to Canada. If I leave Germany, I want to live in a warm land! Maybe Thailand? But I don't see it happening...don't worry! There is a Pixar studio in Vancouver BC. Maybe I will visit Nicole there someday?

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caring for the garden said...

Sounds like all the panic is starting to settle. Hope Santa has a safe trip to your house.

I made your dad a pair of pjs this week that are red, trimmed in white with black poka dots. He looks a bit like Santa. I would have saved these till Christmas, but he was so cold. The pjs really help.