Friday, February 20, 2009

What color should I get?

Juergen and I test drove the little Fiat Panda. It is small. It's just fine for me, but a bit tight for the kids in the back. It handles fine in the city. It has a great response in the steering. I'm sure its super easy to park. It does not have a great deal of power on the autobahn. I wouldn't think it would be fun on a long trip! It has some good storage space for a small car. It is not as big as my Mazda, but probably half the price as a new Mazda. Fiat is running a special on the Panda. They guarantee if you order a Panda by the end of February they will give you the car for 5000Euros off the normal price. That is 2500Euros from Fiat, and 2500Euros for your old car. The German government will pay 2500Euros for your old car, but only the first 600,000 people get this deal from the government. It is only guaranteed when you take possession of your new car. So Fiat is basically gambling they can deliver our new car in time to get the money from Germany. If they are late, they pay. Our savings would be sure! Does that make any sense? So basically, if we order a 10,000 Euro Panda by next week, we only pay 5000 Euros for it. It is not a dream car, but its actually perfect for city driving. I think the kids will not love it because the back seats are very cramped. Generally they get around by themselves on the streetcar and bus. I'm not a taxi mom. I take Sarah to her swimming, and the boys to their youth group on Fridays. Juergen takes Thomas to drums. They manage everything else alone. I use my car to go shopping. If I take the kids to the doctor, its normally just one kid at a time. If I need to do anything more, I could just switch cars with Juergen. He has an 8 passenger Mercedes Viano. His car is great for long distance driving. So anyway, I'm pretty sure we will buy a Panda. I just don't know if it should be red or the olive green. Juergen likes red. I sort of prefer the olive.


Amy in Arizona said...

I kind of like the red, but if it is going to be your car you should get what you want!! I had a red Honda CRV and one thing I loved about it is that it was VERY easy to find in a parking lot!!

Jill W said...

That is such a zippy little car! I vote for red(its my favorite color) but you have to choose what you would like.

life in lewisburg said...

The red is pretty but in America red cars are targets for tickets and pay higher insurance.
I like the Olive it might not show the dirts so much and wouldn't be a target.
If you like the Olive and it's your car get the Olive.
Happy driving