Thursday, February 26, 2009


I gave up coffee for lent and now I have really bad headaches. I know I need to just stick with it...but I'm not very productive the past few days. I guess its sad I was so addicted to coffee....not surprising, but sad!

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Shelley said...

I had a 3 day migraine because I didn't take my zomig at the beginning of the headache.
I get hormonal headaches around my period. I've had them ever since I started my mensural cycle. They tell me they will go away after menopause. I'm looking forward for that to happen.
It pays to be prepared at all times. I was getting lazy about carrying my medication with me. I didn't have any headaches in December, and only one in January.
I did drink coffee every day at the trade show to keep me up and warm.
I usually only drink coffee but maybe once a week at church or a special occasion.
I've heard of people coming off the caffeine addition.
It could be that drinking coffee every day for a week had something to do with my 3 day migraine in February.
I put an bag of frozen peas on my head and lay in a dark quite room.
I pray you get over your headaches soon. You do have strong coffee in Germany.
Remember when my heart started racing after drinking your coffee. I had to lay on the floor with my legs above my head? Green Tea, Herbal tea is the way to go.