Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a new car now...or no?

Should we buy now or buy later? I still don't know! Juergen just took Jessica for a ride in my 18 year old Mazda. It really is getting old, but it could last me a few more years (maybe...and maybe not). The problem is I just don't know if it will last. I would rather hold on to my money, but if I have to spend money on a car soon, then I might as well get the money from the government. This offer is for the first 600,000 cars sold. They have sold over 200,000 already. We can not wait forever if we are going to do this!

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life in lewisburg said...

How long is the governments offer? Who knows the government might a better offer later. Meanwhile your money is in the bank gaining interest in a savings account. The best deals are 2 year old cars that you paid cash for. You didn't pay the appreciation of the loss driving it off the lot or all the interest. Also after two years there are reports out about what is the best used care to get. "consumer reports". If your car is still working I wouldn't worry about it God will provide the deal you need when you need it. Just be a good stewart with the money you have and save it for your future car. It will be a classic.
My bug is a Toyota Camary We bought it when it was 2 years old it's a 2000. We haven't had any problems with it just regular maintenance. Nate and Lissa had one and it saved Nate's life when he was hit head on last year. You see I wanted a bug,but my husband wanted me safe. Now I'm glad we have the Camary.
Nate and Lissa's Camary is a free very used Lincoln Town Car they were hit by uninsured motorist. They are content with their car it's perfect for hauling things they don't worry about what happens to it. It fits their budget and payments don't follow them home. It gets them from A to B and if they were to get in another accident (we pray that doesn't happen) They will be safe. YOU see Nate was a huge bug fan too, and now he's is glad they drive big free cars. I'm going to keep our car going till it dies. Meanwhile I put money in savings for the next car. I like the idea of getting future free cars.