Sunday, February 08, 2009

He is to me priceless...and mistakes happen.

Juergen went to the old town of Heidelberg late last night to pick Nicole up from a party. He had planned to run right in and out so he parked in a no parking zone. He ended up staying awhile to play guitar with the father of Nicole’s friend. When Nicole and He returned, the car was on the back of a tow truck and the police were there writing him a ticket. It cost us 200Euro. That hurt!!! Then a few minutes later a couple from out of town came to find their car had been towed too. Juergen helped these strangers. He drove them first to the police station, and then to the tow yard to get their car. It took them hours. So I'm wondering what I should think about all of this. I'm trying very hard to save money. I'm not so happy this cost us 200 Euro. On the other hand, it was an honest (stupid)mistake. I'm so glad I am married to the kind of person that will go pick his daughter up at midnight. He is the kind that will play guitar with another parent. He is always the one who will help a stranger. It isn't my money, its Gods. You can not put a price on the value of such a man. He is to me priceless...and mistakes happen.

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caring for the garden said...

You hit it on the nail. Chalk it up to a hard lesson hopefully learned. Having a husband who willingly does all the things you mentioned and so much more, who loves his wife & kids, who loves the Lord, who goes out of his way to help strangers is something you can not put a price on.