Monday, February 02, 2009

The Avakas Gorge near Paphos in Cyprus

This is something we may want to do on our last day in Cyprus. It takes along time to hike this Gorge, and we need to check out of our villa early and our flight leaves at 3am. I'm not sure if Jessica could do it? She likes to walk be the surface here is very uneven. It might also be too hard for Sarah? I think it looks amazing! HERE is a blog post from someone who hiked this trail. I think we could just start it, and goes as far as we feel comfortable. If we do the whole 7 miles then great, if not I'm OK with that too. We need good shoes in Cyprus. It is a very rocky place.


Heather said...

This reminds me of one of my favorite places on earth, on the east side of Lake Superior, the Pictured Rocks Provincial Park.
The bedrock is right at, or above the surface there, a pink granite that is just stunning. Hills of it slope from the ground, scraped clean and rounded by the glaciers.
One section is about twenty football fields in area, it looks like someone took a knife and sliced it open, about 10 feet wide. A huge boulder hangs in it, like the boulder in your picture.
Thanks for bringing that area back into my memory.
Heather BT

Amy said...

That sounds really beautiful. America has so many amazing places to see. I wish I had the chance to travel the states with my kids for a few months. Maybe someday we will. I've never seen yellowstone. I've never been to the east coast (except in an airport).