Saturday, February 21, 2009

my new car...we ordered it today!

It's a Skoda Fabia. It comes fully loaded with anti lock breaks, air conditioning, CD player, MP3 hookup and Radio, 6 airbags etc... I got it in this color called cappuccino and it has a dark gray black interior. I saved over 5,000 Euros and will pay 8,100 Euros for the car. This is 3,000 more then the Panda but a much nicer car. We brought Philip, Thomas, and Sarah with us to test the leg room in the back seats. They all fit fine in this car. The Panda had zero leg room in the back seats. This was my chief problem with the Panda. Skoda is owned by VW. It is built in the Czech Republic . We would have liked to buy a German built car, but the prices are too high. Buying skoda at least helps a German company. We have to wait 3 months for the car to be delivered. Now this maybe a problem. You need to have the car before you can get the German governments money (2,500 euros) for buying a new car. The first 600,000 people to claim this rebate get it. If our car comes late, we will not get this money. Skoda said we do not need to buy the car, if they get it to us after the rebate offer expires. So anyway, if all works out well, I will have a very cool new car in 3 months. I feel good about our choice . I looked at what I could buy used in the 8,000 Euro range. I could not get anything half as nice. Since I know I will need a new car soon, Juergen and I both felt now was the best time to buy a car. We wanted something that meets all our needs and that will last at least 10 to 20 years. The Panda was too small, and a little too cheep to last. The Skoda meets the mark.

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