Tuesday, February 03, 2009

a small set back

I just read the small print on the car rental offer (I have not paid for the car Thank God) in Cyprus. The 8 passenger van I wanted to rent at a great price can not be driven in the North of Cyprus. There is no love of the North from the people in the South. I hope I can find us a car. I'm pretty sure I can rent two small cars, but I had hoped to avoid that. This is just a warning, if you want to come to the North of Cyprus check your rental car contract first. BTW you can not take a car from the North to the South. The South will not allow it. I realize the people in the South have reason to hate the Turks...they did after all invade the country. Still, if there is ever going to be a unified Cyprus, they need to get along. I'm just a tourist. I'm not going to take sides on this conflict. I want to see all of Cyprus. The sad news is I may need to drive...and they drive on the left.

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