Sunday, May 04, 2014

what makes me happy

Last night we had dinner with the friends that have volunteered to watch our house for us when we are in Italy.  They will also feed our fish and most importantly water our greenhouse and garden.  So now I have peace to think about our trip and that makes me really happy.  I'm looking forward to seeing Rome for the first time.  We also hope to go to Florence.  And the only other thing I care about is seeing one new garden, shopping at the 2nd had shops, buying plants, and buying good ingredients to cook with at home.  I'll gladly hang out at the Villa so Juergen can also go to Rome for a day...and anything else he wants to see.  We generally have to take turns watching Jessica.  Sometimes Jess is willing to go places, but mostly she wants to stay put.  It isn't perfect, but I'm not complaining.  I know even with Jessica I've been blessed to see so much.  I just see things a small piece at a time, year after year.  One day in Rome is better than no days in Rome.  God willing I will return again.  Our Iris are starting to bloom and so are the poppy’s.  My garden makes me happy too.  What beauty God has created.  So much variety...such amazing color and smell. 


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Rick Moreno said...

Wow!, Now that's exciting news!!!
Good for you AND mom. I'm loving my garden and yard. I must have hundreds of Iris's in bloom. Feels like Monet's Garden. My back yard is coming along great. New cedar fence is almost fully installed. One of two large galvanized steel raised beds installed, slate pathway done, spring annuals planted. It's looking awesome. Pictures soon. Love you!