Saturday, May 10, 2014

plants for sale

We have too many tomatoes again this year.  Nicole  and I repotted Box Car Willie Tomatoes (a sauce tomato) and Big Rainbow tomato (a beef steak tomato).  We also have a Tiger Tom, Pink Oxen heart, and yellow lemon tomatoes.  And a few other sorts.  All Heirloom varieties.  Sarah wants to go to China to try to find her birth Mom.  If you want to buy tomatoes from us they cost 1 Euro a plant.  The money will go towards Sarah’s airfare to China.  Heirlooms at the store cost around 4 Euros per plant.  I also have butter nut squash, and sunflowers, and cucumbers etc...  Come take a look.  The tea and coffee are free!  The advice is also free.  And many of my friends also carry away roes and salad.  It’s a good deal I guarantee you that!  I will be selling plants for about 4 weeks.  If you have a school or work place you can help us sell plants at that would be great! 

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