Monday, May 26, 2014

the new tomato house

We  have so many tomatoes we don't know what to do!  God willing we can manage to give them all away!  But I'm keeping at least 40 plants for us.  I need to replenish my stock of tomato sauce.  At least that is my goal (500 jars of tomato sauce).  And we love tomato salad and tomato salsa.  Last year the plants did not have enough space to thrive. And the plants I left uncovered got tomato blight because of the rain and cold.  It was a very cold and wet summer.    So now we will give them what they need, and I hope we will have a much better season.  Juergen and Nicole and Sarah put up the new tomato house this weekend.  It is 6 meters x 3 meters (that is about 20 feet x 10 feet).  It is wonderful!  Now I can have one greenhouse for the tomatoes, and the other for peppers, egg plants, and melon.  We also have some really wonderful roses right now.  My back is still hurting, but it is slowly better.  I'm taking it slow.  There is so much I would like to get done before we go to Italy, but realistically I will not get everything done.  I must accept that.  If I don't recover, I will not be able to drive 12 hours to I must go slow.  I will clean the kitchen, then rest...fold cloths and then rest.  It is not fun!  But that is life.  We do what we can.
Nicole and Juergen setting up the tomato house

tomato plants in shopping bags

our old green house is so full you can not walk in it


Our poud

The inside of our new tomato house

These are Di Vinci  roses

We have over 600 tomato plants to give away

Maria Lisa Rose

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