Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Free plants

We need help giving away 600 to 1000 Heirloom tomato plants.  Are you a teacher?  You can take some to your students.  You could just take a dozen to work, and put up a sign saying free plants.  Walk over to your neighbors and give them a plant.  Give one to your grandmother.  Use your imagination.  They are free.  We are collecting money for summer camp scholarships, but you really don’t need to give.  We just want to get the plants out of our green house.  Call it Tomato evangelism.  Please take 1 or 20 tomatoes.  Use them as seed to plant friendship.  We are giving away tomatoes at the FEG Heidelberg on Sunday Morning.  If you want tomatoes for your church, school or your friends you can also pick them up at our house.  Contact me and I’ll give you the address. 

Big Rainbow

Box Car Willie


small yellow


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