Friday, May 23, 2014

Juergen's dad is in the hospital

Juergen’s dad Richard (he is almost 86 years old)is in the hospital.  It looks like he had a small stroke.  It was not big we think.  Juergen had already planned to go up to see him this weekend.  He had hoped to take him out to lunch.  But now he will spend his time in the hospital.  At least this is what we think will happen.  We are waiting to hear more from the Dr.  Thank you for your prayers.

Update:  Richard did not have a stroke, thank God.  He was dehydrated.  They have already released him from the hospital.  We are still waiting to see if it's ok for Juergen to visit him.  He may need to rest.  Juergen could go in a few days too.  So we will see.  But thank you for the prayers. 


Rick Moreno said...

Prayers for a special visit and healing.

RamblingMother said...

praying for him and your family!

caring for the garden said...

It is a hard time of life for your generation. Many of those in the older generation have already passed away and those who are left are exhibiting signs of advancing age. It puts a great deal of stress on your shoulders. We are and will continue to pray for Richard and for your family. We love you, Mom