Thursday, May 29, 2014

Monty Don's Italian Gardens - Part 2 - Florence

Nicole and I would like Mom to see two of the gardens seen in this video. The first is The Villa Castello just outside of Florence. We have seen it once before but it is worth seeing again. The 2nd garden will be new to us. It is called La Foce. It is about one hour South of where we will be staying. We leave for Italy in just one week. I had the kids out working in our garden today, and we will continue the work (God willing) tomorrow. My back is 70% better now. I'm being careful, but it's important that I move. Juergen called and said his Dad is very tired, but not nearly as bad as he had feared. He will visit with him all day tomorrow too. We have a great deal going on. Juergen's birthday is Sunday. There are a few friends joining us for lunch. And we plan to give tomato plants away at church. Sarah has a soccer game. And all the time cleaning up the house and garden. Packing and getting ready for our vacation. We have a house sitter (a couple). I don’t want to leave them a messy house. I told them they could have a party when we are gone.

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