Tuesday, July 03, 2012

wet is good

We see the photos from the USA. It looks pretty dry over there. It's in the 70's and low 80's F here. And it's been raining the last 2 days. That's good for us. I needed the ground to be wet so I could finish planting the front garden. I'll try to take a few photos today. My camera batteries are dead. Yesterday I took the kids to see Ice Age 4. It wasn't as good as the past 3 films. I would wait and see it on DVD if I was you. But it was nice to get out with the kids. And I was good. No popcorn. Instead I drank water and ate 25 gummy bears. So far I'm doing good on Weight watchers but it's just day 5. I figure I need a whole year to lose this weight. So 5 days down and 360 days to go.

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