Monday, July 09, 2012

I'm upset!!!

I'm trying to be calm and not get mad. But the class decided not to let Nicole show her China cabinet painting and her man. Both pieces standout too much. I think they are afraid she will steal the show. The whole thing is crazy! The professor will hear it tomorrow. And perhaps the situation will change. They are letting her show her water feature "finding Nemo", and they will let her show the Rhino mask by it's self. "Finding Nemo" is a cool work, but it happens to be the least of what she has done. Shouldn't she be allowed to show her best work? Finding Nemo will still stand out. It is the only water feature in the whole school. And it will have 3 live fish swimming in the toilet. Her rhino mask can also stand alone, but what gives them the right to dissect her work and show it in part? I thought artists are suppose to be original? I thought being different was a good thing in the art world? What happened to "one of a kind" and "being in a class by yourself"? I guess the other students do not see it that way? But I'm not objective. Still, I personally think she should have the right to show what she wants and let the public decide what they think. They should all be allowed to put their best foot forward, and let the public judge what they like and don’t like.

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Eric & Shelley said...

Sometimes it's better to not rock the boat.