Wednesday, July 11, 2012

on his way

Juergen is on his way to America. He has a conference in Philadelphia he has to speak at. He will only be gone until Saturday. That's a long trip and allot of time zones to jump for such a short trip. But I miss him more when he is in America then when he goes to Northern Germany. Somehow having him out of the country just makes it harder. Everything is running well at home. The kids are all being good. I wish I was also going to America. I even looked at the airline prices. But the cost is very high. I could buy 2 tickets to Thailand for the price of one ticket to the west coast of America. I sure miss my family. But we need new windows, and a new heater, and insulation in the attic. I just need to get that thought out of my head. Maybe next year? I sent a package with Juergen to send to my parents. Just some chocolate. I hope it does not melt. Nicole and I did some work in the garden today. I also took Philip and Thomas to get new shoes. Just the normal stuff. I miss Juergen, and I'm glad he doesn't need to travel allot. I don't think I could get use to this...I just need him with me.

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caring for the garden said...

We miss you too. Maybe next year. Thanks for the chocolate. Your dad will enjoy it melted or not.