Thursday, July 26, 2012

Disneyland Paris

Philip, Nicole, and Thomas go to camp on Saturday. They will be gone for one week. Jessica gets her new teacher next week. I thought it would be really nice to take Sarah and Jessica on a short trip. Someplace Jessica loves, and Sarah has never been. So We are dropping the kids off at camp and driving to Paris. I rented a cheap hotel that allows dogs. It was too last minute to get Mickey a room in his normal doggie hotel. Disneyland actually has a place visitors can board their pets for the day. So Mickey will stay in our hotel room Saturday night, and at the Disney daycare place on Sunday. We will see Disneyland (God willing) on Sunday, then drive home. A mini vacation. The rest of the summer will be work. Lot's of renovation projects. I've wanted to take Sarah to Disneyland for awhile, but it is too expensive with 5 kids. But all the other kids have been there. So now it's princess Sarah's turn. I don't expect the hotel to be nice. I think I've been there before. I should bring ear plugs. But driving 5 hours to Paris, spending the entire day at Disneyland and then driving 5 hours home was just a little too much for Juergen and I. We have done it before, but we were young then!

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