Monday, July 09, 2012

left behind

I'm watching a DVD called "Left Behind, what's it all about" by Tim LaHaye. It is a conference on Bible Prophecy about the end times. Did you know that there is more of the Bible devoted to the subject of the end times then any other subject? If you believe the Bible you need to understand the age I believe we are living in. This isn't an age of fear, but an age of hope. If your interested in this subject, I'm thinking of having a small group this fall that watches these videos and talks about it. And if you do not live near by, consider buying the DVD's yourself. They are available on Amazon and eBay. Why is this subject important? If you have faith in Christ, you should keep your focus on what really maters. We know that this world has an expiration date...our hope is in God, not this crazy economy. And if you don't know if your heart is right with God, you may want to consider these teachings. Perhaps you will find faith in Christ?

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caring for the garden said...

Interesting. We are also studying a video series on end time prophacy in our Sunday school class. Ours is by Irvin Baxter. It would be good to compare the two.