Friday, July 27, 2012


I just bought 3 water tanks to capture rain water from our roof. We have a well, but can not get the pump to work. It's old. So I bought 3 super sized food grade containers 1000 liters each. They can be placed next to the rain gutters by our house and garage. They will give me the water I need for my garden. I can also use a pump on these containers so the hose will spray the water out. Very covenant. My garden needs allot of water when it's not raining (like this past week). I do not want to pay for city water when rain water is free. Some places do not allow you to capture rainwater. But this is not the case where we live. I may need to rent a van to pick these containers up. I'm not sure they will fit in our car. They are in Leimen of all places. The kids are getting very excited about summer camp. Today we are trying to get a place in the camp for Philip's best friend. I hope that works out. It's a Christian camp. I also pray it has a deep and lasting impact on the kids. That it's a real awesome experience that brings them closer to God, and each other. The boy's are going to be with a few other boys from our church. It's great that they grow stronger in theses positive friendships. Friends can build you up or lead you down at this age. My boys need good friends.

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Richelle Loughney said...

Well, 3 water tanks are not bad at all considering that they can store up to 1000 liters of water per container. But, I think it would also be best if you buy another water tank to add to your 3 containers. You can store gallons and tons of water without having to worry about water shortage in your home during the summer season. Anyway, enough of that, did your kids have a great time on their camp?

Richelle Loughney