Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Up date from Oregon

Hi people! I'm in Oregon with my parents. They have a dial up Internet (very slow...too slow). I'll load photos when I get home next week. The big news is I brought Jessica on this trip. I never told anyone because I wanted to surprise my parents. I have the coolest video of them crying at the airport in Eugen when they saw her. My dad has not seen Jess for 5 years. She has done great the whole time. There is so much to say, but I'll blog it all next week. Nicole is in Mexico now. I don't get to hear from her until Saturday when I pick her up in San Diego. Please continue to pray for her. I'm sure it will be an incredible week for her! I talked to Juergen, and he brought Philip and Thomas to camp. It's their first camp experience. Juergen said Philip was pretty afraid. The tent counsellor took the boys to the lake for a swim the first minute they arrived. I'm sure they will have a super time. It's a Christian camp. We are praying it also has a big spiritual influence (for good) on the boys. Sorry I can not load photos (too slow). I am having a full and wonderful time...Jess is doing great! Many greetings from Oregon!!! Just check back next week and I'll fill in the details!

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