Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I stayed awake

I don't remember much from Disneyland. I had jet lag pretty bad. It is all sort of a blur. I enjoyed my friends Donna and Cindy. The highlight for me was our long lunch in a very over priced but nice Mexican place. I said it was expensive, and Cindy said"no, I know of many other places where you can spend more for less"! I managed to stay awake until 10pm and I slept nearly all night. If the goal is getting over jet lag then we are really doing well! Sorry, no pictures yet. I'm still using the Hotel computer. We drive slowly to San Diego today. We are going out to another great American breakfast (we plan to skip lunch). We also have to shop for the last things Nicole needs for Mexico. I send a big hug and kiss to Juergen and the kids, I will try to talk to you from Cindy's house tonight. Mom and Dad, I am looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

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