Friday, July 18, 2008

Is anyone sick?

Last night two of the Elders from our church came to our house to pray for Jessica. It was wonderful! They also prayed for my trip. Jess slept well last night. She has had a wonderful week at school. Two times this week she kissed the bus driver. Normally she hits and scratches because she really does not want to go to school. This week was different. I believe God is healing her. It is a process...but we are on the way! I am listening to John Arnot (Toronto Airport Church). He just preached that we should not doubt that healing is God's will. Jesus healed everyone who came to him. Jesus only did the will of God. Healing is nothing we need to work for. It is nothing we need to deserve. Healing is a gift from God from Jesus who loves us. We only need to ask God to forgive us if we have any unforgiveness standing in the way. Then just ask.

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