Thursday, July 24, 2008

In San Diego

We are in San Diego at my best friend Cindy's house. We basically just took our time getting here yesterday. We are pretty tired still. The big job yesterday was shopping for all the small things Nicole still needed for her trip. She needed building supplies, some food stuff, medical supplies and so on. The list is complete and she is ready to go to Mexico on Saturday. Today Cindy is taking Nicole to a prophetic art class. They are painting art that has a prophetic meaning. I can not wait to see what she paints. The class is only 4 hours so I stayed behind to call Juergen and read and pray. It feels wonderful to be here. Cindy and I have been best friends for about 20 years. I miss her so much. I really don't care much about what we do, it's just being with her that matters. I feel the same way about my family in Oregon. I look forward to being home! Sorry for the lack of photos. Cindy has a very old computer. Maybe I can load some pictures when I get to Oregon? Juergen and kids: I miss you and send you a very big hug and kisses!!! Today is the first day of summer vacation. Have a great time getting ready for camp. Be good for Papa. I love you!!!

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

hi Amy! So nice to see and read about your family. I miss you. Catch up with me on my blog: