Sunday, July 20, 2008

God Guard all our hopes and dreams

God is able to do impossible things so we should be bold and ask him for great things. We should be careful to protect our dreams. If the enemy can not kill you, he will do his best to kill your dreams. Guard your dreams, and do not be afraid to trust God to bring your dreams into reality!
In less then 24 hours I am escorting Nicole to the USA...and she will live out a dream she had 2 years ago. I'm so honored and blessed to be moving into this adventure. God gives me peace that He is going to prepare the ground before us. I have dreams too. I have not shared all my dreams with you but I trust God with all my hopes and expectations. I'm not really sure I'll be able to blog until I get to Oregon next Sunday (July 27Th). If I can blog I will. I hope my friends will remember to pray for us. Please remember to pray for Juergen and the kids too. I hope to report what God has done...and tell you my dreams have come true!

The photo is of Jessica at Disneyland Paris. I hope to meet my good friends Donna and Cindy at Disneyland on Tuesday. I'm sure most of you understand I'm praying for Jessica to get healed from autism. I am going to see Bonnke on July 26TH and Todd Bentley on July 26Th. Both have been blessed with the spiritual gift of healing. My dream is to see Jessica healed. I will not write more because I need to protect my dreams. I give all my hopes to God. I ask you to please pray for my trip.


mimifrancoise said...

Amy, have a good trip. I want you to know that I also pray for Jessica to be healed from autism. I know that God listens to our prayers. Fran, in very hot Texas

Heather said...

So excited for you to be finally taking this trip. too bad you won't have any long stopovers in Detroit. Take care my friends, many prayers.
I am currently practicing my praising through adversity. It's not easy but I'm working on it. I am both praying and praising without ceasing and feel much better for it. I haven't blogged about it yet because I just don't know what to write.
Heather BT