Sunday, July 14, 2013

showing the house

The next appointment to see the house in Leimen is going to be on Wednesday night. We wanted it on Saturday but the renters could not free up Saturday. And who can blame them? They are renters not real-estate agents. But we have an offer on the table, and we want to find a buyer right away. God willing things will be settled soon. A few of the families (I think we have 6 or 7 families) are from Leimen. We think that's very good. They know the area and like it. Many of them have 2 or 4 kids. They have already met with the bank to secure financing. They sound like a promising group of buyers. So I pray God gives us a good buyer. Someone who will love the house and be happy and blessed there. Someone who can give us a fair price that meets their budget, and our need. I do thank God for all the interest. It is very encouraging. Nothing like the last time we tried to sell the house.

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