Saturday, July 06, 2013

How it stands

I spent the afternoon baking in the hot sunshine at Sarah's school.  She had a school festival and was in a play.  I was there by myself and felt pretty alone.  Most everyone was there as whole families (mom's, dads, kids and grandparents).  All the games were for little kids.  Next time I'll bring my godchild Anna.  While I was at the school, Juergen showed the house.  Only 4 of the 7 families showed up.  3 families seemed interested, one of the 3 very interested.  So hopefully we will get a good offer.  We wait and see.  The renter had done a very good job cleaning up Juergen said.  I'm very grateful for that.  They are paying rent and it is an inconvenience to have strangers walking through their home.  So I feel as if I'm holding my breath waiting for a good offer.  God willing, we will not need to wait long.  I hope...I hope...I hope! 

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