Monday, July 01, 2013

Please pray

Please pray for Teresa this is from the families blog... I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! Sunday, June 30, 2013 please pray ! Surgery is at 7:30am EST Monday morning . God must move another huge mountain . They feel her pulmonary pressure may be too high for the Berlin to work . It is not looking hopeful but the are going to try . She said she would not give up on her but If the pressure is too high the blood will not be able to go to the left side and nothing else can be done . She will bring her out of the or for us to hold her so she will not die alone . We always promised Teresa we would never leave her . Please pray and beg god to keep her with us . If it is His will to take her home we would ask for prayers to accept this also . Please share an ask the world to not stop praying ! Update... Teresa was taken back at 8 . They just started putting in the right vad. Please keep praying this is a critical time . She needs a left and right vad and her chest is very small . Please continue to pray for very low pulmonary pressure . 12 :00 update starting third cannula . Pray for her lungs to be able to come off bypass and low low pulmonary pressure . Lungs need to improve !!!

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