Saturday, July 06, 2013

Selling the house

Juergen is meeting about 7 families today in Leimen.  Well, 7 asked to see it, we will see how many actually show up.  We didn't have very good experience the last time we tried to sell it.  People would schedule an appointment, and not show up.  They would not even call.  And we would wait and wait.  Our time had zero value to them.  And then they would say I hate this, and I hate that.  You need to drop the price 100,000 Euro so I can totally remodel the house.  I need a fireplace and Greek columns, and marble on the floors.  Oh man!  It was not fun.  So Juergen meets maybe 7 families to look at the house.  We have a renter.  I have no control over how nice or clean everything’s going to look.  I already know the back yard looks very bad.  We are hiring a gardener to redo the grass.  I have no control.  But I actually feel better than the last time it was on the market.  If it sells it will be the grace of God.  And if not, we will try to rent it again.  We will not wait a whole year.  I do hope it sells.  It would be pretty wonderful not to have this responsibility anymore.  I got rid of all the extra tomatoes yesterday.  There were about 50 tomato plants left over.  I put them on a table on the sidewalk in front of my house.  I wrote a sign that said free tomatoes, please take them.  And in a few hours they were all gone.  I have 100 plants in my greenhouse and garden.  That is enough to water and care for.  These extra plants were a burden not a blessing.  And Leimen is the same.  It distracts us, and cost us both time and money.  We just want to sell it.  But we are not willing to drop the price 60,000 Euro as some want us to do.  So I hope we can sell it well.  I don't need to make a profit, I just want to break even. But we may need to rent it again.  And I’m OK with that too. 

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