Thursday, April 11, 2013

what's up

I'm a bit tired and overwhelmed getting ready for our up coming trips. Nicole and I go to London in 2 weeks. Then we are home 4 days before going to America for 12 days. Then home for 4 more days before going to Italy for 2 weeks. The weather has gotten warmer so I'm trying to get some work done outside. I also taught a garden workshop at my church this week. It went very well. Compared to my dad and sister, I don't know much about gardening. But I could teach some basic stuff to new gardeners. And it was so much fun to do that! We are getting all sorts of quotes on painting the house and fixing the balconeys. So maybe those jobs will get done this year (or next year based on the cost). And tomorrow Juergen plans to test drive the A140 Mercedies we may buy for Jessicas teacher to use. Right now Jessicas teacher drives Jessica every day with my car. So even when I have time, I don't have transporation. And I need to get the shopping and other stuff done when I have the time. So this is why we want one more car. It is a 15 year old car with very low miles on it. It should not cost much to run, and it does not cost much to buy. And right now we get money for Jessica's transportation. This money will cover the cost of the car. And I can use my car again. So I'm hoping this is a good car, and that we can buy it tomorrow. We also have to start preparing the lawn to be renovated in the next week. The gardener brought us sand to spread over the lawn. We also need to remove small bushes and trees that would be hurt when he digs up the old grass.

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