Wednesday, April 17, 2013

new grass

Today the gardener came with a crew to redo our lawn. He had some really great equipment that broke up the ground, tilled it, smoothed it out etc… and they pulled grass out by hand. I had them put the old grass and dirt in a pile. I’ll use it as compost in the bottom of some raised beds I’m building. And then they sowed grass in one area and wild flowers along the boarder of the garden. I hope that works out! And finally they rolled over the whole thing with a special roller. It’s suppose to rain soon. In about 6 weeks we will have a new lawn and wild flower meadow. I think the moles took off. I have not seen a new mole hill for over two weeks since our neighbor got his lawn done. Maybe the sound of these big machines sent the moles packing? I hope so. I can imagine how upset Juergen would be if a mole destroys his new grass! We already have trouble with wasps in our front yard. And these wasps are one of the protected sort. So I’m not sure how that is going to go? At least we don’t hang out in the front yard! But I won’t be able to open the living room window all summer. This is trouble! Juergen also went to pay for the new car. It’s a 1998 Mercedes A140. It has very low miles on it. It was owned by a local farmer. He drove back and forth to his field in this car. But now he is 90 years old and does not drive anymore. It’s in really good condition, and we are getting it for a good price. Jessica’s teacher will be driving it to take Jessica to her workshop Monday- Friday. And Nicole can drive it in the afternoons. So now I can finally have a car in the mornings (when I actually have time to do my errands). I have not driven the new car yet. I need to wait until Juergen goes and gets it registered and insured. He is busy, so it maybe a few days still. But the deal is done so I have hope of my own set of wheels. Finally, the internet has been down for the past day. We just got a new router. So when I post this, I’m finally able to use the phone and check my email. Sorry if you tried to reach us, but the phone line has been down. It’s interesting how much we depend on technology. I’m wondering how I will manage in America for 12 days. I may actually bring a computer so I can use Skype.

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