Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 1 in London

(written by Nicole) We got up between 3.30 and 4.00 in the morning. Surprisingly enough neither I nor Mom hat too much difficulty getting up and out on the road. We left thinking we had plenty of time to get there, but then we couldn´t find the long-term parking and thought we´d miss our flight. Luckily the airport is very well organized, so we could catch the flight anyway.

When we got to the hotel they let us check in our bags, but the room wasn´t ready yet. So we went to breakfast and saw the National gallery. Mom was wiped out and so was I. However, I motivated myself to see and take in as much of the gallery as possible. I looked at some art and Mom, for the most part, sat down in front of paintings and waited. I saw some very famous pieces and artists, such as William Turner, Hans Hohlbein or Caravaggio. I think I could take much more from this visit than our last visit to the National Gallery 10 years ago. now I actually know some of the artists and their significance, that makes the whole thing much mor interesting. There were  alot of school classes there, but I think the disabled class was most impressed by their visit. One girl was going wow in a loud voice, that was sweet.

Then out of the gallery we went by Trafalgar Square and to the Underground. It was not hard to notice that there was a significant deficiency of pidgeons on Trafalgar Square, merely one pidgeon flew over it. Last time I was there the place was full of birds, the city must have gotten rid of them.
And another thing I noticed was the Baker Street Underground station. I think it must have  been the filming site of the first scene in "Prince Caspian of Narnia", it really looked so similar and classy. That was interesting :)

After that we came back to the hotel and got our keys. Mom is taking a nap and I am resting as well. Later we might check out the British Museum, we'll see.  

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