Monday, April 29, 2013

Back from London

Here are a few photo's from London. I'm so tired! We walked and walked! And we saw so much in 4 days. But now we need to pack for America. We leave on Friday. Juergen did an awesome job with the kids. What was I worried about? He even cleaned the house. London could break your heart. The people look so sad and alone. Everywhere you look, they all look down. And there are homeless people everywhere. So lost. On the way to the airport they announced that the tube would not stop at a certain stop because someone had killed themselves on the track. Really tragic, but it didn't surprise us. People in London are so lost. We did attend Hill Song church. That was really very good. Much better then we had expected. It runs 5 packed services each week, in the middle of the city. And there are 2 other Hill Song churches in London too. They are doing a good and hard work. They bring some hope and light in a very hard place. We are happy to be home. But it was such a good time!

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Shelley Stuewe said...

What a fun trip and the weather looks like it was good too.