Tuesday, April 02, 2013


My best friend Cindy may need to move back to Minnesota from San Diego. She has struggled to find full time work since 2008. Just getting by on unemployment and temp work since then. It's been really difficult. But she has been faithfully working with the homeless church. I'm just worried she ends up homeless. And her dad just had heart surgery, so there is a need to have her back home to help. If she moves it will be soon (begining of may). And if she can not find anyone to travel cross country I'm considering taking the trip with her. It does not come at a good time. Nicole and I travel to London the last weekend in April. Then we go to Italy the last two weeks in May. Juergen would need to take most of May off in order for me to go. So we are hoping she can find someone else to go. But the idea is still interesting. America is so beautiful. San Diego, Bryce Canyon, Denver, and Mt Rushmore then Minneapolis. All the dinners, and national parks, and beauty. It is only an idea. And an idea that most likely will not happen. But maybe?

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