Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just busy in the garden

I need to find my camera today. I've been busy in the garden. Nicole has actually done more then me. She seems to own the garden, and loves it too. And Juergen is very excited about his garden! He has hired someone to redo the grass. We put sand all over the grass. 2 truck loads of sand. And now the gardener comes to do the rest. He brings heavy equipment and a crew. They will give us both a grass area, and a wild flower meadow. I'm also busy trying to arrange everything for our up coming trips. Nicole and I go to London on May 25-28. We plan to be in America on May 3-12. Then we are in Italy May 17-June 1. I have someone staying in my house most of the time we are in Italy. I just need a person to feed the fish and water the green house for a few days. I ordered a freezer. I hope to fill it up so Juergen does not need to do so much shopping. And I'm building a pallet garden in San Diego for a friend. So I've been busy trying to find the building material ahead of time. I will not have the time to run after everything when I get there. I also want to build a pallet garden this weekend for myself. We want to test our ideas before we try to do it in America. Originally I wanted to build my sack garden, but I can not find the material there. So if I want people to use the idea in missions, I need to build something with material they can find (pallets). So we have the idea we are pretty sure will work, but I need to build it this weekend to be sure. It is crazy busy, but i love this weather.

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