Monday, December 05, 2011

Looking past the winter

I'm no fan of winter. I hate the cold. I spend a good deal of time under a blanket drinking hot tea. I dream of Thailand. Maybe Juergen and I will have to retire in Thailand (winters). Last night the wind was so strong that it blew down a tree we had transplanted. My tomato house also blew down. I have a small mess to pickup in the yard today. I went on eBay today and bought some seeds for next year. I bought an assortment of heirloom tomato seeds (my personal favorite). I also bought Thai long beans, Chinese cabbage, Kale, 15 different peppers, and a small French pumpkin. I have 4 raised beds in my yard right now. I have lettuce and onions and garlic growing. And even in this cold windy weather, my plants are doing good. Maybe I'll cover the raised beds. I can make them into mini greenhouses. Then I could probably manage to keep a salad garden the whole winter. I am really looking forward to next year.

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